Dance Logistics Equipment

Dance Logistics takes pride in having the best equipment in the business. Below you will see what we offer to our drivers in greater detail to have the best driving and looking trucks going down the road.

Dance Logistics Mack Anthem 1.jpg

2019 Mack anthem’s

Dance Logistics would like to introduce you to our newest addition to our fleet. As we continue you to grow, it’s more and more important to transition our equipment over to newer, more fuel efficient and more comfortable trucks so our drivers can have a good quality of life while driving and sleeping in the truck. These brand new Mack Anthems are fully loaded and ready to hit the road!

Dance Logistics Mack Anthem 5.jpg


Dance Logistics uses only the finest equipment on the market! We currently pull 2019 Hyundai Hy-Cube 53’ Dry-Van trailers. These aren't just your standard trailer as they are equipped with Alcoa aluminum wheels, TrailerBlade Trailer skirts and Fleet Engineers Tire Racks.


Our small fleet of pre emission trucks

We do have a few old-school bad to the bone trucks that everybody knows and hears going down the road. This is where we got our start but as you can see we are transitioning to newer more fuel efficient trucks.